Use of integrated modeling for information technology planning is especially critical for support of market and technology changes associated with the transition to e-business.

What are the Requirements for IT Evaluation and Planning?

  • Direct Linkage of enterprise goals and strategies to the technology that supports them
  • Architectural Framework for mapping technology structure to business structure
  • Comprehensive Picture of how and where IT is deployed throughout the business

What Is Missing in Most Models?

  • Organization Chart shows reporting structure, but not business structure
  • Process Model shows workflow within a process, but not data sharing between processes
  • Data Model shows data objects, but not their usage and lifecycles

What Does Integrated Modeling Provide?

  • Linkage from enterprise goals through organization structure to business functions and core processes
  • An enterprise framework to which IT can easily be mapped and analyzed
  • An easy way to visualize enterprise-wide IT deployment

How is an Integrated Model Used to Evaluate IT?

  1. Map IT to lower-level structures of core processes
  2. Roll Up mappings to the business function level of detail
  3. Analyze consistency and adequacy of IT deployment within each business function
  4. Identify IT sharing, overlaps, voids, and inconsistencies between functions
  5. Evaluate adequacy of IT support for enterprise goals and strategies

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